The Power of Word of Mouth!

Ron Smith - Founder & CEO

Mike Byrne is a rarity on the entrepreneur/consultant stage today. Unlike those that claim one ethos; but deliver something different – Mike, actually believes in a win-win proposition for all in the pursuit of success and return on investments. One can count on Mike to represent the highest ethics in all he is and all he does for his clients.

I have worked with Mike in developing a valuation of one of my companies. Mike was thorough, insightful, professional; and he was most efficient in his efforts to bring parties together within an appropriate time frame. Mike was superb in locating various solutions and scrubbing the ones that simply would not work. In short, Mike made my work much easier and helped to established great value for us.

Mike surrounds himself with highly competent and driven persons, of like-mindedness, who themselves are highly motivated in reaching for success. I personally have benefited greatly from Mike’s services, his insights, his directions – and especially leadership. Mike has become a good friend who will walk alongside me, anytime and anywhere. I am all too eager to recommend Mike Byrne to others knowing that he will, without question, deliver far and beyond anticipated expectations. - Ron Smith - Mid America Solutions LLC

Deon Appelgryn - Technology Entrepreneur

We have been interacting with Mike over the last few years, as we were investigating different opportunities in the market. Mike came highly recommended by a trusted friend. During this process we built up a mutually respectful relationship. In 2020, Mike and an associate saw an opportunity for our technology, engaged with us and connected us with the buyer. In the bigger scheme of things, the timing was impeccable on both a business and personal level. His contribution to opening the doors, setting the scene, and framing the negotiations to sell our technology on our behalf was invaluable. The deal turned out favorable for all parties involved and closed without any major bumps in the road. Our relationship has grown beyond business, establishing a true lifelong friendship. - Deon Appelgryn - Technology Entrepreneur

John Franco - Executive Amazon Connect & Investor

Mike is the rarest of individuals who truly cares about structuring win-win relationships. He is the perfect partner for any company that is assessing how technology can take their company to the next level and the operational excellence and standards to ensure its success. Mike has the experience and ability to ask the right questions, assess how technology can deliver customer value, and then make it happen. He and I have known each other for more than 12 years. We have done several deals together, including strategic executive placements, seed capital, and private equity investments, as well as recently consulting to and brokering the sale of a technology company. These experiences have forged a close and trusted business partnership, lifelong friendship, and set the stage for many more deals together. If you are a small to medium-sized business owner, Mike's tutelage and direction will enable you to exceed your goals. - John Franco -

Akash Desai - CEO and Serial Entrepreneur

"Mike Byrne was my partner at IVR Technology Group where we took a small struggling company, grew it organically and by four acquisitions, and then sold the company to a large private equity company in 2019. The recipe to our success was to orient the company to take advantage of market trends, cut low-return expenses and investments, redirect capital to technology innovation, build a strong channel sales network and modifying the pricing model to create revenue stability. Mike is adept at seeing the big picture and how the puzzle pieces fit together. And, of course, he knows how to execute!" - Akash Desai -

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