Team BCV

Mike Byrne - CEO & Founder

27:17 is one of the companies core values. It is also a core value for how Mike lives his life. Mike is a passionate person, driven to build Byrne Capital Ventures with a core focus on creating a visionary company in M&A, helping entrepreneurs build wealth and have fun. It's hard to talk with Mike without him mentioning; let's do a deal! Mike is a loving husband to Tracey and Father to Madelyn and Sean. God, Family, and Business!

Barry Ferguson - CFO & Managing Partner

Barry Ferguson is Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner for Byrne Capital Ventures. Barry designs and manages all financial structures and creates the standard by which BCV fundamentally operates. He is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who brings valuable leadership and experience from successfully working in multiple business environments that include private equity, public, startup, IPO, high growth, domestic and international.

Barry holds an MBA in Economics and International Business from the University of Tampa and a BA in Marketing and MIS from the University of South Florida. Barry is a lifelong karateka and, along with his wife Vickie, is a diligent fitness enthusiast. Barry and Vickie are the loving parents of four boys.

Michelle Catolico - Investor & Advisor

Investor and Advisor to Byrne Capital Ventures helping to drive our success and shape our vision. Michelle is a marketing professional with a heart of passion for helping brands grow through engagement. Innovation is shifting in the media landscape faster than ever before. Knowing how to engage today’s consumer behavior can be complicated; this is where Michelle can help entrepreneurs reach their target consumer, B2B or B2C, with the correct messaging, at the right time and where they are engaged.

Michelle is the loving mother to her three amazing sons. She has a passion for the game of lacrosse and is excited to watch her youngest play at the highest collegiate level as he starts his freshman year in the fall of 2021. She has a strong faith that we can create our destiny and wealth through positive thought, action, and belief.

Garrett Smith - CMO, Investor & Advisor

Garrett is a consultant, entrepreneur, and marketer with deep expertise in the modern methods companies use to find, acquire, and retain customers. He has become a go-to advisor for executives and owners interested in transforming their marketing results through proven methods and processes. Garrett’s work has helped generate hundreds of millions dollars in sales for his clients over the past decade. In addition to his work as an advisor and consultant, Garrett has founded several service firms and a SAAS offering, giving him unique insights into successful early stage go to market strategies across a broad spectrum of industries. Garrett is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, guest lecturer, and author of “Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices”. When he’s not helping to make the register ring, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, with the occasional hour (or ten) investing in domains, NFTs, and trading cards.

Steve Yenser - Investor & Advisor

Investor and Advisor to Byrne Capital Ventures, a visionary with over 35 years of experience in investment and commercial real estate. Steve is currently the Founder and Principal of Yenser Co., a boutique commercial real estate advisory firm. During his career in corporate real estate, Steve held executive management leadership roles in nationally recognized firms including General Growth Properties, Cousins Properties and Jones Lang Lasalle. He has a passion for building culture and delivering ROI.

Steve is a native of Middletown Ohio and has resided in Marietta GA with his wife Becky for the past 30 years. Steve & Becky have three grown children, Zach, Brett and Susan and currently six grandchildren (and counting!) Steve and Becky founded following Becky’s 2013 mission trip to the Kibera slums in Narobi Kenya. Today Becky’s School which was founded out of that trip serves to love, feed, educate and nurture in the admonition of the Lord over 130 “little hearts” in the Kibera slum.,


An investor who believes in BCV, understands the vision, and wants to make an investment but not operate in the business on a day-to-day perspective. Minimum investment of $100,000